San Mateo County Fair

In 2013 we participated at San Mateo County Fair and our free workshops were more effective due to corporate donation of five laptops by Rocket Fuel. Also, we wanted to thank our students and our instructors who volonteered their time to teach and help during the workshops. Special thanks to students: Cameron, Sydney, Rosie, Danielle and instructors: Nathan and Brina. We also want to congratulate the winners of this year Level Design Competition. Maxim Rochnik and Cameron Lee both got first place!


"Volsh", the gameĀ  Ipad and Iphone we've been developing at "Digital Monkey School" for "Prairie Games, Inc." is live and available for purchase on Itunes Store. It has been getting great reviews.
Thank you everyone who partook part in the development!
We will be releasing Android Version next stay tuned...