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The philosophy of our school is to bring inspiration, creativity and self-esteem to students through the language of music. Piano lessons are designed to exercise logic, and imagination as well as develop coordination and cognitive abilities.

We have incorporated the latest music software to help students learn piano in a more interesting and efficient way. To motivate students, we encourage them to collaborate with one another on group projects such as duets and theory assignments.

The school environment is part of our curriculum. We don't teach at the home of our students. We customize the program for each student on location by using the school piano library, software, and printing and by arranging theory and repertoire based on student's progress.

When taken consecutively, our lessons resemble national piano performance standards. Students learn song, technique, and theory in accordance with their skill level through our formatted curriculum sequence. We prepare our students to perform in annual piano recitals, Halloween and Christmas piano parties, Charity Concerts and San Mateo County Piano Competitions!

Additionally, students are introduced to possibilities in the music industry as composers and sound designers. Our students also have the opportunity to collaborate with the digital art department to make soundtracks for video games and animation!