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The following are the rules for my students and their parents to keep in mind in order to ensure smooth and successful learning:

  • Commitment: Students must commit to their lesson plan throughout the year. In accordance with our school policy, students must attend the lessons weekly. We strongly encourage intermediate and advanced students to take lessons on a twice-weekly basis.
    You can skip only 1 class and you can reschedule 1 class out of 10 lessons session. (That includes the Holidays and sick days).
    If one student is absent during a semi-private lessons, both students will split their lesson time and have a 30 minute private lesson.
    If the teacher has to cancel the lesson, the primary or substitute instructor will teach the make-up lesson.
    School's piano recitals, concerts and other performances are mandatory for all students.
  • Posture:  Before you start a lesson or a practice session, remember to maintain good posture and hand positions. Keep your hands above the keyboard, sit on the middle of the bench, center your body in front of the pedals, scoot up slightly, and press the notes with your fingertips. Eventually, this process will become second nature.
  • Hygiene: Keep your hands clean, nails short, your body fresh and your clothes comfortable and appropriate for your lesson.
    Be sure your piano is tuned. Keep it clean. Dust the keys with a clean cloth every week. Provide lots of light in the piano room.
    Have a light snack and drink before your lesson.
  • Practice: piano at least 4 days per week.
    During the lesson, have a positive attitude!
    Use emotions for creativity, but a positive attitude for learning. Use words like I CAN, DO, & WILL.
    If you have 5 minutes before the lesson, sit and warm-up while waiting for the lesson to start.
    Respect and listen to the teacher's instructions!
  • Make music a part of your life:  attend piano concerts, musical theatre events, operas, symphony performances, and perform for your friends and perform for your friends and family.


Parents, please remind your child one day before about their upcoming piano lesson. Make him/her go to bed on time. Make your kids feel important and excited about learning new songs. Show to your child how proud you are when you listen to them playing and making progress. They always need your approval and encouragement!

Your commitment is my time and my business. I value my long-term students very much. Your children reflect your enthusiasm. If you believe in the importance of their piano education, your child will believe in it too. The demand for lessons at my school is high. I have had to turn down many potential students, so it is important that my current students follow these basic rules.

Please, do not schedule last minute events such as play dates at the same time as piano lessons. We do not recommend that you overload your students with extracurricular activities, especially if it causes them to become tired prior to piano lessons.