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Do we have to have a piano?
Yes. If you don't have one, you can rent one for 6 months with an option to purchase. An electric piano with weighted keys and full size keyboard is also an option.

Are you involved in Merit or ABRSM exams?
No. We have our own established method; our students participate in piano recitals, competitions and other performances run by the Digital Monkey Piano School. Our students will have a strong musical foundation which will benefit them in any exam or proficiency certification.

Should we continue to take lessons during the summer?
Summer lessons are optional. However, we strongly advise students to continue lessons throughout the summer unless they are on vacation. We also offer summer piano camps.

Do you teach students to read notes?
Yes. One of our goals is to teach students how to sight read; however learning to read notes is a multi-step process which takes time and patience.


Parents, please remind your child one day before about their upcoming piano lesson. Make him/her go to bed on time. Make your kids feel important and excited about learning new songs. Show to your child how proud you are when you listen to them playing and making progress. They always need your approval and encouragement!

Your commitment is my time and my business. I value my long-term students very much. Your children reflect your enthusiasm. If you believe in the importance of their piano education, your child will believe in it too. The demand for lessons at my school is high. I have had to turn down many potential students, so it is important that my current students follow these basic rules.

Please, do not schedule last minute events such as play dates at the same time as piano lessons. We do not recommend that you overload your students with extracurricular activities, especially if it causes them to become tired prior to piano lessons.